Centers for Pain Control and Vein Care in United States, Indiana, LaPorte County

204 Legacy Plaza W, La Porte, IN 46350, USA

Centers for Pain Control and Vein Care is located in United States, Indiana, LaPorte County. The place has been categorized as a Doctor. You can find Centers for Pain Control and Vein Care by coordinates: 41.6019735, -86.6963035.

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J823+QF La Porte, IN, USA

Time in LaPorte County

Time zone: America/Indiana/Knox

Time: Sun 2022-05-22 05:41:39

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Map of Centers for Pain Control and Vein Care

Wheather in LaPorte County

Temperature 52.36
Feels like 51.62
Minimum temp 51.33
Maximum temp 53.78
Atm. pressure 1019
Humidity 92
Clouds 9.22
Wind deg 300
Wind gust n/a
Clouds 40


  • Charlotte Schoff
    Charlotte Schoff

    Dr Ho is VERY POLITE and VERY COURTEOUS.nHe is very easy going. He gives you a easy feeling. He answers any questions you might have about your procedure.makes you feel at easy and worry free.

  • Myfanwy Schuller
    Myfanwy Schuller

    What a great physician. He really seemed to be concerned with my procedure and outcome. He even doubled checked on me before I left. Would highly recommend!

  • Marion Minix
    Marion Minix

    Great care! Everyone is concerned about you.

  • LaDonna Raye
    LaDonna Raye

    Do yourself a favor and find a different Doctor to see. If they can't see you and push your appointment back it becomes your fault .They can't take responsibility themselves. If you're relying on them for pain management they tell you that you can't have pain meds.....Why because your pain meds are not in your system, because you weren't able to be seen by their Doctor and get a prescription.nThey don't bother to look in your chart to see what has been going on or What the reason of the situation is.nThey won't answer questions when asked the only response is you have to wait till your next appointment. If you have to rely on them your definitely in trouble .

  • Teffany Barnett
    Teffany Barnett

    Treatment was done on my left leg, I called and explained my leg was not healing well. I was told everything sounded normal. Finally I called and explained it was not normal it hurt and was not healing correctly. Finally I was schedule to come back in and get a ultrasound on my leg and sure enough it was not healing properly. I was scheduled for a simple procedure to help the healing. My leg still has not healed correctly and it has been since April 17th 2019.

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This place can be found at 204 Legacy Plaza W, La Porte, IN 46350, USA.
Yes, the Centers for Pain Control and Vein Care has a website, its address
You can come to Centers for Pain Control and Vein Care by car by entering the full address of the place: 204 Legacy Plaza W, La Porte, IN 46350, USA or by entering the coordinates: :
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Now temperature in LaPorte County 52.36. And feels like 51.62

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